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Google tells the story of IAS Divya Mishra



Kanpur: Every year, thousands of students take the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam, but only a few of them are able to pass it. It is everyone’s dream to pass this exam, one of the toughest in India. To realize this dream, thousands of students give their lives, study for hours. And today we are going to tell you such a story (UPSC Success Story) that will fill you with enthusiasm. Divya Mishra, a 2020 batch IAS officer, in a recent interview (Ias Divya Mishra Interview) revealed how she decided to pass the civil service exam.

Dinesh Mishra, father of Divya Mishra, a resident of Hanumant Vihar, Naubasta, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is the manager of Navodaya Vidyalaya. Her mother Manju Mishra is a housewife. Divya’s younger brother, Divyanshu Mishra, is made a lieutenant in the army. Divya completed her studies at Navodaya Vidyalaya, Unnao.

“Brother went to the army, Uri’s attack happened”
IAS Divya revealed in an interview, “My brother was selected for the Indian Army. Today, he holds the rank of lieutenant. No one in my family joined the defense forces. After Bhai’s selection, it was a different experience. Meanwhile, Uri’s attack happened. This sparked new passions in me and motivated me to pursue civil service. Because according to today, I also wanted to serve the country in my own way.

When you failed from number 4
Divya first had to fail the UPSC exam several times. She started studying for UPSC, however, she couldn’t pass the exam with only 4 marks. With his determination, he passed the exam on his second attempt, but his dream of becoming an IAS officer could not be realized due to his lower rank.

How did Divya Mishra prepare for UPSC?
In an interview, Divya Mishra said that she prepared for the UPSC civil service exam with a Ph.D. Divya Mishra had chosen the subject of philosophy. She used to study for six to seven hours a day. Divya says that out of 24, even six to seven hours can be studied diligently, then the UPSC civil service exam can be passed. Divya Mishra missed number four on her first attempt. Got 312th in second attempt and became IAS in UP home frame after getting 28th in third attempt.