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Gorakhpur News: 2 liquor smugglers arrested in Gorakhpur used to supply raw liquor hidden in car



Gorakhpur: Police in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh exposed the vicious liquor smuggling gang. The accused was smuggling illegal liquor while hiding in the car. The police recovered 1250 liters of raw alcohol, nausadar and urea from the two defendants. While two cell phones and a four-wheeled vehicle used for smuggling raw alcohol were also recovered by the police from the miscreants.

In fact, it is the Tipinagar intersection of Gorakhpur. Where Rajghat Police was checking police vehicles at Tipinagar intersection. During the search of the alleged four-wheeled vehicle, raw alcohol as well as illegal alcohol was recovered from the car. According to the outpost manager, smuggling was done through cars in all parts of the city. The vicious liquor dealers used the car to dodge the police.

Hiding raw alcohol in the car, he wandered around fearlessly. But during the quick check by the police, vicious smugglers of raw alcohol were arrested by the police. Significantly, the Amrutani market in the Tipinagar district of the city is infamous as illegal and raw alcohol. Despite all the campaigns by the police and the excise department, raw alcohol traders are secretly involved in the illegal raw alcohol trade. At present, thanks to the speed of the police and the excise department, the illegal trade in raw alcohol has been largely curbed.

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FIRST POST: January 26, 2023, 09:19 HST