Gorakhpur News: A mother burned her daughter’s body with a hot knife

Gorakhpur News: A mother burned her daughter’s body with a hot knife

Gorakhpur: Everyone is shocked by the actions of a Kaliyugi mother in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The woman shot her 5-year-old daughter with a knife in 17 places. The girl’s only fault was that she was dropped off by her uncle at school and the innocent returned from there in no time. The mother felt exasperated by this and locked the daughter in the room and continued to burn different parts of the daughter’s body by heating the knife. If the people around don’t come, then maybe there is no place on the girl’s body where there is no burn mark. The father went to Gida police station with the child and lodged a complaint against the wife. The police registered a case.

Two girls born after a love marriage
Kanchan, a girl from the Sant Kabir Nagar neighborhood, lived in Piprauli with her family members. At the same time, she falls in love with Rahul, a resident of Kalesar. Both were married in court. After that, two daughters were born. Her family members were not happy with Rahul’s marriage. He therefore lived with his wife Kanchan outside the family.

The husband arrived at the police station with his wife’s complaint
According to Rahul, he had gone to work on Tuesday morning. The 5-year-old girl was abandoned by her uncle at school. In no time, the girl returned from school. Angered by this, her mother heated the knife on the gas stove and burned the girl’s hands and feet in about 17 places, seriously injuring the girl. Each time he learned of this, he went home and took the girl to the police station.

Seven-year-old girl rescued
At the same time, the uncle said that the mother was burning him by closing the room inside the house, then the daughter was screaming loudly. When a seven-year-old girl who was playing with him peeked inside the room, she went to the village and started crying. Nearby people came at her voice and after opening the room, pulled the girl out of the room in an injured state.

The mother had stained the child several times before
Rahul filed a written complaint against his wife Kanchan. The husband alleges that his wife smothered the child in the same way several times. She also slams the younger daughter into the conversation. Each time he explained, but this time he crossed the line. Then I had to file a complaint with the police. Inspector Gida Rahul Singh said that after registering a case against Kanchan under Section 324, he was arrested.

Kaliyugi mother arrived home at night
After an interrogation at the police station around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday evening, the police released the mother who burned the girl. The mother, who arrived home at night, was not ashamed of what she had done. She was screaming loudly that I had a daughter, I would do with her what I want.


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