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Gorakhpur News: Pregnant woman did not receive treatment for five hours at BRD medical college, died in agony



Gorakhpur: A big case of negligence of doctors has come to light at BRD Medical College located in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. It is alleged that the pregnant woman, who arrived from Siddharthnagar on Friday for treatment, was left without treatment for five hours. Meanwhile, doctors and staff continued to run from counter to counter to get the OPD form filled out. Without treatment, the pregnant woman died of agony.

fierce commotion
Pregnant Chandra Tripathi was said to have reached BRD on Friday with husband Sandeep and brother Brihaspati Tripathi. First, he had the OPD form cut in the super specialty. There was no treatment. Then to get medical treatment, again kept in the queue to get the cut form. Meanwhile, the pregnant woman continued to moan in pain near the old OPD. After the death of the pregnant woman, family members started creating a row near the old OPD form counter. Relatives of other patients who came for treatment for his support also gathered.

Seeing the controversy escalate, the college administration came on the back foot. Someone reported the matter to the police. Atul Singh, the outpost in charge of the Medical College, reached the place with strength. According to those present at the scene, during this time the police explained and extinguished the relatives, after which the family members withdrew from the registration of the case. The sensitivity of BRD administration appeared after the death of the pregnant woman. The BRD administration provided an ambulance, thanks to which the family members brought the corpse back to the village.

had trouble breathing
Husband Sandeep Tripathi said the woman was seven months pregnant. Thursday night, he started having trouble breathing. Along with this, he had a stomach ache. First took him to Siddharthnagar District Hospital. There was no relief from the treatment. In the early hours of Friday, doctors referred him to Gorakhpur, where he continued to circle around from one department to another. Sandeep recounted that at seven o’clock in the morning he reached the BRD trauma center with his wife. The first patient was sent to the medical department. Where doctors and staff present advised to seek treatment in the cardiology department. After that, the pregnant woman from the medical department reached the super specialty block. After two hours of exercise, the OPD form has been prepared here. Then standing in the queue reaches the doctor.

The doctor from the cardiology department investigated and said it was medicine. Take it immediately to ward number 14 of the Department of Medicine. The ward staff and doctors refused to engage in direct recruitment. He said it was OPD time. Make a prescription and write it to the doctor. For this, once again I started in the OPD queue. During this time, his wife died.

CIS got an ambulance
Seeing the mourning of the family, the crowd gathered. The matter was brought to the attention of the Director in Charge, Dr. Pawan Pradhan, and SIC, Dr. Rajesh Rai. The SIC immediately provided a BRD ambulance to send the body to Siddharthnagar. He said he was unaware of the case. Only one patient death was reported. In such a situation, showing sensitivity, provided relatives with an ambulance to take the corpse away. The official says the matter is being investigated.
Report – Anurag