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Gorakhpur News Smart card facility to be launched at 75 railway stations in Gorakhpur division



Indian Railways has taken a big step to get rid of the crowds. The general will issue smart tickets, so there will be no ticket rush.

Pramod Pal, Gorakhpur: North Eastern Railway has started preparations to provide metro facilities for passengers at 75 stations in the Gorakhpur division. In this regard, the Railways has prepared a master plan, under which work will be carried out to make general tickets smart by installing ATVM machines in 75 stations in the division.

Facilities will be available at 75 stations

North Eastern Railway has started working on initiatives to provide better facilities for its passengers. The railways have now started preparing to provide metro-like facilities to passengers at 75 stations in the Gorakhpur division. Passengers will be able to obtain tickets easily and quickly through the ATVM machine. Passengers will not have to wait in long queues for tickets at stations. They will easily obtain their general ticket by smart card.

108 machines will be installed

Smart cards will be produced at the counters in the station itself. It may also be renewed from time to time. As soon as the chip card is used in the welding machine as an ATM, it receives a ticket with details. This type of installation has been available in subway stations. Ticket vending machines were also installed in the railways earlier, but they are out of service. Now, the railway administration has followed the recommendation of the railway board for the installation of new state-of-the-art ATVM machines. A total of 108 machines will be installed.

Trained retirees will take over

Pankaj Kumar Singh, CPRO, Northeast Railway said passengers have to wait in long queues for general tickets. During this time, it is possible to fight while pushing. Preparations to make this equipment available to travelers on the lines of the metro stations are almost complete. Passengers will be able to obtain their tickets from vending machines using smart cards.

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