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Gorakhpur: Not only clouds, UP Roadways buses also rained… Passengers had to put umbrellas in Gorakhpur – rain water dripping in road buses in gorakhpur questions raised



Gorakhpur: A surprising case has been revealed in Gorakhpur. When the monsoon set in here, the truth about the UP Department of Transportation came to the fore. There was also a case of condom buses on the roads. In fact, as soon as the clouds rained down from the sky, the roof of the UP transport bus also began to rain. When the passengers sitting on the bus began to get wet, they hurriedly took out the umbrella. Then survive. When the video of putting an umbrella on the bus went viral, the whole truth came to the fore. People started saying that if you want to travel on UP transport buses, bring an umbrella.

After the video of water dripping from the roof of a government bus in Gorakhpur went viral, panic set in among officials at the Ministry of Transport. In the viral video, water dripping from the roof of the bus is clearly visible. To protect it, passengers are seen seated with umbrellas. Questions are being asked by the Department of Transport as to why such a dilapidated vehicle is dumped on the road? If an accident occurs in this type of vehicle, who will be responsible?

Such a case was highlighted in the bus running between Gorakhpur and Gola. A video showing water dripping from the roof of the UP-53 AT-4101 government bus at the Rapti Nagar depot has gone viral. Since then, the hands and feet of the officers of the Transport Company have started to swell. Passengers are seen traveling with umbrellas on the decaying bus in the viral video. RM PK Tiwari of the Department of Transport collects information on the deterioration of this bus from drivers and conductors.

RM PK Tiwari ordered ARM to have the bus repaired. In this regard, RM PK Tiwari of the Transport Company said that the reason why such a bus was sent will be investigated. At the same time, RM is also seen saying that the water may have started to flow due to disturbances in the bus on the way. Yet this viral video is living proof of the Department of Transport’s negligence.