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Gorakhpur’s daughter won gold at National Women’s Hockey Championship



Gorakhpur: A girl from Gorakhpur has once again brought laurels to the city and the state. When Deeksha Tiwari, daughter of a gambler mother born on the soil of Gorakhpur, won the gold medal in the final match of the 2023 Women’s National Hockey Championship, leading her team to victory. The whole family celebrates the success of the girl. At the same time, her villagers are also very happy with this golden success of their daughter.

Deeksha Tiwari who hails from Bistauli Buzurg village under Belipar police station in Gorakhpur has brought laurels to the state with Gorakhpur. Diksha Tiwari performed brilliantly in the 13th National Women’s Hockey Championship held in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh from February 15-27, scoring two goals for her Madhya Pradesh side and beating Maharashtra 5-1 in final.

Diksha Tiwari had a great contribution in this success where she scored two goals in the final game and captured everyone’s hearts by scoring a total of 7 goals in the entire tournament and gave victory to her team. After the success of Deeksha, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the village with the family. Diksha’s mother, Priyamvada Tripathi, who is a gamer herself, says we are very happy with the girl’s success, we celebrated the girl’s success with our fellow gamers and handed out sweets.

Hockey stick at the age of 8
Currently, Diksha Tiwari is out of Gorakhpur to compete in another competition. During NBT Online’s chat with Deeksha Tiwari, Deeksha said that she has been inspired by sports since childhood. His mother Priyamvada Tripathi is also a national basketball player, currently working at North Eastern Railway Gorakhpur. Diksha’s father, Vijay Pratap Tiwari, is a farmer and is currently the village chief.

Diksha said that when she was 8 years old, she held a hockey stick in her hands. Because since childhood she used to go to the stadium with her mother and see other players playing there, I used to be curious to play too. Due to parental inspiration, Deeksha also performed well academically which resulted in her selection to Lucknow Sports College.

After an initial introduction to training and education, Deeksha turned to Madhya Pradesh for further preparation where he learned the nuances of the game of hockey. Diksha, who got a job in the railways through a sports quota, started playing with the Madhya Pradesh team. Due to the excellent game, she was also selected to the state team and this time at the 2023 National Women’s Hockey Championship, she raised the flag of success.

In addition to hard work, family support is necessary for success.
Deeksha says that behind any success, the support and encouragement of her family is very important. I am very lucky and fortunate in this matter, that my family has been very supportive of me. My athlete mother understood my feelings and fully supported me to move forward.

Deeksha says I wish to play for Indian team in the coming times and bring laurels to the country. Diksha Tiwari is a drag-flicker the whole team relies on. His position as a player in the team is that of midfielder. At present, Deeksha Tiwari is posted in Allahabad as TTE in Railways.