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Greater Noida: Elderly couple asked DM, ADM and SDM to vacate apartment, forced to walk door to door – Elderly couple asked dm adm sdm regarding illegal occupation of apartment in the big noida



Greater Noida: An elderly couple, who stage a sit-in to leave their apartment in Techzone-4’s Ace Aspire, are forced to wander from bad to worse. The tenant is not ready to leave the apartment. After visiting the office of DM, ADM and SDM Dadri on Monday, the elderly couple sat on a dharna again in the evening. The elder says he will picket until the apartment is not vacant.

Know that the tenant, who has lived with her 23-year-old son since 2016, does not take the name to leave the apartment. Apartment owners SC Gupta and Laliteshwari, a 73-year-old elderly couple, are distraught. The tenant has been missing since Saturday evening after closing the apartment. On Sunday, the woman’s son came to the apartment.

The elderly couple met the DM on Monday morning with a plea to leave their home. DM said to only take action after the court order. Eventually, the DM asked the seniors to meet with the SDM. The SDM assigned responsibility for investigating the case to SDM Dadri. When the elderly SDM arrived at his office to meet Dadri, he had gone on tour.

For some time, SDM Dadri had been calling and calling the office to meet with the elderly. After that, the victim couple reached the society in the evening and sat on the dharna. The owner of the apartment, SC Gupta, said that on June 10 he reached the company with his belongings from Lucknow. When the apartment was not vacant, the property was transferred to his relative’s house in Ghaziabad. Since then, there have been rounds of police and administrative officials here.

Tenant accused of demanding Rs 1 lakh
The aggrieved apartment owner accused the tenant of demanding one lakh rupees in the name of releasing the apartment. The elderly couple said they asked the tenant to vacate the apartment and pay the cost of moving the belongings to another apartment. In response to this, the woman demanded one lakh rupees to leave the house. The elderly couple refused to meet the tenant’s request for Rs 1 lakh.