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Greater Noida News: If you are going from Greater Noida to your home village on Holi, give information to the police station and RWA



Noida Crime News: People living in residential societies in Greater Noida are alerted. On behalf of the police, these people are called to be vigilant and safe. People are specially warned that thieves should not wash their hands in vacant houses on the occasion of Holi.

Greater Noida News
Greater Noida: If you are going to your hometown or a relative’s house to celebrate Holi, keep your homes safe. Nowadays, thieves watch locked houses. The police appealed to the people alerting them that before going anywhere they should inform their respective police station, reliable neighborhood or RWA officials. DCP Ram Badan Singh said incidents of theft were also increasing in closed homes in Holi. Without fear in a locked house, thieves commit crimes. In such a situation, the gendarmes of the posts of all the police stations were alerted. Additionally, the PRVs were also instructed to do more patrols.

take this precaution

  • Be sure to notify your neighborhood police station that the house is vacant, so the police can monitor your home or apartment during patrols.
  • Check the CCTV camera. Try using a Wi-Fi camera. Keep the camera DVR in a safe place.
  • Do not keep cash at home. It would be better to keep jewelry in a bank locker.
  • Leave a light on at home. Properly lock the windows and the main door.
  • If possible, set an alarm, so that the information is received as soon as the gate opens. Notify a relative or trusted neighbor before leaving the house.

The police were alerted

Greater Noida DCP Rambadan Singh said police were alerted for the safety of those visiting their home village or relatives in Holi. Along with this, RWAs and people in the industry have also been called upon to keep an eye out for brothels. In addition to the police, people are also called to be safe at their own level.

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