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Greenery and lighting will enhance the beauty of Noida-Greater Noida, preparation for G-20 summit intensifies



Manish Singh, Greater Noida: The Noida-Greater Noida administration has prepared to host the G-20 summit next September. Ritu Maheshwari, CEO of Noida-Greater Noida Authority, held a meeting on Thursday and came up with a plan to brighten up the two cities. Preparations have started to give Noida-Greater Noida a new look by adding sculptures, lighting, greenery and brightening the roads. Noida-Greater Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari held a meeting with officials of the two authorities in the council chamber on Thursday. It all started with a presentation by the Karabi Art Community.

The agency submitted the sculpture design to beautify the Noida-Greater Noida highway. How many main places can be decorated including DND Flyover, Film City Gate, Mahamaya Flyover, Near Amity University, Greater Noida Entry Gate, Pari Chowk and Greater Noida Authority Office. Submitted its detailed report. Pari Chowk will be made more beautiful by installing sculptures with G-20 people. There is a plan to further improve the greenery by planting good quality plants.

Major roundabouts in Greater Noida will also be made more attractive through sculpture and lighting. Educational sculptures will be installed around the Knowledge Park. During the G-20 summit, special figures will be installed to showcase Greater Noida as a data hub. The park and roundabout near the Greater Noida Authority office will also get a special makeover. After this presentation, the CEO held a meeting with all the engineers in the working circle of Greater Noida.

The CEO has ordered to brighten up all major roads in Greater Noida according to this global event. For this, the resurfacing of all the main roads will be carried out. The CEO asked for flowerbeds to be laid out to make the central shoulder and the greenery along the road attractive. Gave instructions to repair the road sign. Damaged signage will be repaired and painted.

Greater Noida will get a new look thanks to landscaping and planters along the road. The painting will be done on the subway pillar. The CEO also instructed the electrical engineering department to launch tenders soon for the installation of traffic poles and other works. The CEO has set a goal to complete all of this work within the next three months by launching a campaign. In view of the world event, instructions have been given to get involved in this work immediately. Warned to take action against the negligent. Many senior officers including Amandeep Dulli, ACEO of Greater Noida Authority and Prabhash, ACEO of Noida Authority were present at the meeting.