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Hathras Police Attack: Fearless Crooks! Arrested for control at Hathras, two police officers were injured.



Hatras: At Jalesar road of Hathras junction area of ​​Hathras district in Uttar Pradesh on Friday, robbers rode a vehicle on police team checking putting up a barrier on robbery information found at police station Keshopur Police. A constable and constable were injured in the accident. Both were treated at the district hospital. At the same time, the police arrested the driver of the vehicle.

What is the problem?
The whole case involves the Hathras Junction police station. SP Vikas Kumar Vaidya said police received reports that some people in a car in Ertiga were fleeing after misbehaving and robbing someone. Acting immediately on the information, PRV police pursued the vehicle. At the same time, on the information of the heist, the manager of the Keshopur outpost started checking with his team by setting up a barrier. During this time, the Ertiga car appeared. When stopped, the driver boarded the vehicle with the police team. The outpost in charge and a constable were injured in the accident. Both were taken to the district hospital for treatment. where the doctors treated him.

driver arrested
SP Vikas Kumar Vaidya recounted that the vehicle which hit the police officers. Its driver was arrested. The search is activated for other people in the car. At the same time, injured police officers are being treated in hospital.
Admission – Lucky Sharma

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