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Hepatitis B and C treatment begins at BRD Medical College



BRD Medical College has been given a great responsibility. BRD will test residents of Purvanchal districts for hepatitis B and C.

Rajat Bhatt, Gorakhpur: Gorakhpur BRD Medical College has a great responsibility after government order. BRD microbiology department will examine hepatitis B and C patients from Gorakhpur and Basti Mandal. If the patient’s viral load is found to be high in the survey, he will then be treated in the medical department. Hepatitis was added under the National Hepatitis Program. In this, along with the free examination of the patient, medication will also be administered.

Nodal composed of seven districts

Gorakhpur Medical College has become the node of 7 districts for hepatitis B and C screening. Sathi Gorakhpur Basti Mandal, in which doctors from Gorakhpur, Basti, Santakbir Nagar, Siddharth Nagar, Maharajganj, Deoria and Kushinagar have also been trained by BRD doctors. At the same time, the screening of patients with hepatitis was launched. 10 to 15 samples are sent for analysis. So far, 410 patients have been screened. In these 355 patients were found to have a high viral load, in which a maximum number of patients with hepatitis B were found.

both viruses are dangerous

Regarding hepatitis B and C, doctors believe that it is a dangerous virus. If this virus enters the human body and is not treated in time, its symptoms can be observed for a long time. Medical College Microbiology HOD Amresh Singh said patient samples are being sent every day. So far, 355 patients have a high viral load. He is being cared for by the team from the Medical College’s Department of Medicine.

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