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Her son searches with his mother’s photo in Gorakhpur



In Gorakhpur, UP, a son rides a bicycle with his mother. For 6 days, the youngster has been looking for the missing mother.

Rajat Bhatt, Gorakhpur: A young man has been searching for 6 days by putting the photo of his mother on a bicycle. Brijesh is a resident of Sisai village in Belsar block of Gonda district. On February 10, Brijesh had brought his mother Sunila Devi to Dr. Berry in Gorakhpur for treatment. When Brijesh returned with the medicines at the counter, he found out that the mother was not there.

looking for the mother on a bike

When the mother was not found, Brijesh looked into the hospital’s CCTV camera and found that the mother had left the hospital alone at midday, then Brijesh filed a complaint at Cantt Police Station in Gorakhpur. Brijesh searches for her mother from 4 a.m. to midnight on a bicycle found by a policeman. Neither Brijesh nor the police could find Brijesh’s mother in 6 days.

spend the night in the night shelter

Brijesh has been looking for his mother for 6 days. Almost all day until midnight, he continues to search for his mother. Then he goes to sleep in the night shelter built at Dharamshala in Gorakhpur. Almost every day, Brijesh cycles about 10-15 km around Gorakhpur to find his mother, but the mother has not been found yet. Cantt SO Shashi Bhushan Rai said the youngster filed a complaint and an FIR was filed. Soon his mother will be found.

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