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Here in a single wedding there is no groom, the groom leads the procession sitting on a cart



Prayagraj: In the past 15 years, a unique group wedding of Divyang people is held in Sangam Nagri, in which the bride brings a procession sitting on a cart. There is no shortage of food or anything else in this event. Show host Srinarayan Yadav said that this time this mass wedding will be hosted by Swaraj Divyangjan Seva Pariwar on February 18 at the premises of Rajarshi Tandon Seva Kendra located at Bank Road, in which a total of 12 Divyang couples will be married.

He said that this program is carried out entirely with the participation of the public, thanks to which houses of about 350 disabled people have been built over the past 15 years. City and out-of-town dignitaries present household items to the couple. For example, each year a sewing machine is presented by Salim Sherwani, a wardrobe by Kuldeep Bhaiya from Chowk, a bed by Inner Wheel Club, etc. At the same time, the guesthouse is furnished by Rajkumar Chopra of Lok Sevak Mandal.

Yadav said that before the wedding, a turmeric ceremony would be held on February 17, in which Judge Vijayalakshmi would be the main guest. Marriage of Hindu divyang couples will be under the guidance of Shri Prakash ji (Chhote Maharaj ji) Pandit, while Nikah of Muslim Divyang will be under the guidance of Idreesh Raza Misbahi. He said Justice Neeraj Tiwari of Allahabad High Court will be the chief guest of the wedding program and the program will be chaired by Rajkumar Chopra, Chairman of Lok Seva Mandal. Saraswat’s guest will be MP Rajya Sabha Imran Pratapgarhi.

On this occasion, personalities working for the cause of Divyangjan at the national level like Virendra Langoo from Jammu and Kashmir, Manoj Shashikant Patwari from Maharashtra, Tanveer Alam from Uttarakhand, Vishnukant Mishra from Lucknow, Dr. Deshraj from Delhi and Kavita Yadav Tripathi of Prayagraj being honored. . He said this process, which started with the special cooperation of High Court Barrister Subhash Rathi, has taken a huge shape today and a better example of noble work with the cooperation of the public can hardly be seen anywhere. Donations are not asked of anyone for this event, but the people themselves show up and cooperate.