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Holi 2023 celebrates lakhnavi pandit raja thandai double the fun of holi



Luck now: Holi is the festival of colors and how come we don’t talk about the cold in it. If something is drunk the most in Holi, then it’s thandai. Is there intoxication in every cold? Do people who like or drink thandai become intoxicated? So let us tell you today what is actually cold. Raj Kumar Tripathi, the manager of Pandit Raja’s famous thandai shop at the Chowk intersection, said the thandai was not intoxicating at all.

No one gets drunk from the cold. Intoxication is caused by cannabis and cannabis is only mixed with Thandai when requested. If a customer says he should get thandai with cannabis, only then it is mixed and that too mixed in small amount. The demand for bhang wali thandai is very less and is only done on special occasions. Especially in Mahashivratri and Holi, the demand for bhang thandai increases, when people generally prefer to drink normal thandai i.e. without bhang.

Normal thandai is prepared from milk.
Raj Kumar Tripathi, who has been serving thandai to people since 1936, also said that normal thandai is prepared with milk. In addition to saffron, pistachios, almonds, gulkand and black pepper, 14 different spices are added to the milk. There is no intoxication in them. Women and girls also love this thandai very much. He said on Holi day his shop will stay open and on Holi day people come here and drink. He said that drinking thandai containing cannabis does not cause much intoxication.

This is the price of thandai special
The price for a small glass of thandai here is Rs 60, while the high class is Rs 70. Apart from this, lassi is also available here, the cost of which is Rs 60. You won’t find a pink milkshake anywhere. But, here it is available for Rs.60. Whereas, Khus Sharbat is available for Rs.30 and Gulab Sharbat for Rs.30. The shop remains open from eight in the morning to ten in the evening.

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FIRST POST: March 06, 2023