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Holi 2023 doctor helpful tips don’t play holi with chemical colors otherwise you may be bothered



Ghaziabad: Holi means the great festival of colors and happiness. There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm across the country on the occasion of Holi. On Holi day you will also play Holi with your friends, but often if you don’t play carefully you don’t know when the color dissolves.

In fact, many times in pleasure, the chemical rich colors found in the markets get into the eyes, ears or nose and it becomes a problem. Sometimes they also take the form of an infection. That’s why the Local18 team had a special chat with ENT specialist Dr. BP Tyagi about how to avoid colors.

Balloon damage
Dr Tyagi said children throwing balls can sometimes be dangerous. Because the color present in it causes rapid damage to the ears and eyes. That is why glasses should be worn in the eyes and the ears should also be covered. If the color gets into the eyes, ears or nose, it should be cleaned immediately.

Clean up like this
It is often seen that people use different cleansers. These cleansers sometimes damage the skin, so lukewarm water at home should be mixed with a little salt. Then these colors should be cleaned with a soft cloth. Because if the color remains for a long time, it can also take the form of an infection.

Play Holi Safe Like This
You should keep in mind that you should only use natural colors and gulal. Do not play at all with chemical-rich colors, mud, paint, etc. Before playing Holi, apply oil to your hands, feet and mouth. Protect eyes, nose and ears while playing Holi. During this time, do not touch your face or eyes with your hands.

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FIRST POST: March 06, 2023