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Holi 2023 jhansi erach mahotsav started with great fanfare and shows horses dancing with sobhayatra people



Report: Shashwat Singh

Jhansi: Bundelkhand is famous worldwide for its mythology and beliefs. It is believed that Holi festival also started from Jhansi. Every year, the Erich Holi festival is celebrated with great fanfare by the tourism department. Erich’s party begins with a procession. This journey begins at Hanuman Garhi and ends at the main festival stage. All traditional Bundeli dances are seen in the procession.

Horses are also seen dancing with humans in the procession. The leading horses trot step by step to the rhythm of the music. Along with this, the dance of Bedanis is also seen in this journey. Lord Narasimha walks with the devotee Prahlad on his lap. Vaman Dev, an incarnation of Vishnu, also lives behind him. At the end, a group of Maunis performing the traditional Bundelkhand dance dance away.

The festival will last 4 days
Erich Holi Festival was inaugurated by Garoutha MLA Jawahar Lal Rajput, Jhansi DM Ravindra Kumar and Chief Superintendent of Police Rajesh S. Various programs and competitions will be held for the next 4 days at Erich Mahotsav. The presentation of all Bundelkhand folk dances will be seen here. On March 8, the entire Erich Festival will be bathed in the colors of Holi.

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