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Holi 2023: Mathura ready for the famous Holi of Barsana and Gokul, Laddu Holi will be played on February 27



Holi Barsana Vrindavan Hindi News: It cannot happen that Barsana, Gokul and Vrindavan from Mathura are not discussed on Holi. More than when is Holi, people are curious to know when will Holi programs start in Mathura? Holi celebrations will start in Barsana from February 27.

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Prepare for Holi in Barsana, Gokul and Vrindavan

strong points

  • People are waiting for Holi from Barsana, Gokul and Vrindavan
  • The situation has clarified regarding the organization of Holi 2023
  • Barsana’s Laddu Holi will be played on February 27.
Kapil Sharma, Mathura: As the main Holi events in Kanha’s Braj draw closer, preparations have also started in full swing. As preparations are underway by the state government for Rangotsav 2023, this time a large number of devotees from home and abroad are expected to visit Braj in Holi. People from abroad call and ask when is Holi in Braj. This time, the famous Laddu Holi of Barsana will be held on February 27 and the next day, February 28, the Lathmar Holi of Barsana will be played. After Barsana’s Holi, Lathmar Holi will be organized in Nandgaon on March 1st.

There is a plan to hold cultural and other programs under Rangotsav at various places regarding Holi, but devotees and foreign tourists coming to Barsana during Laddu Holi and Lathmar Holi will get a different insight here. A two-day cultural program will be held from 27 February at Shriradha Bihari Inter College, Barsana. Folk cultural programs will be held by making stages at 6 different locations, 6 selfie points will be created, all roads in Barsana will be decorated, entrance gates will be made, Priya Kund will be decorated, and dance will be performed in the streets by folk dance groups.

Abir and Gulal quintals will fly to Vrindavan

On March 3, on the occasion of Rangbharni Ekadashi, Thakurji will perform Holi with his devotees at Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan. Along with this, on this occasion, devotees-tourists from India and abroad will also tour Vrindavan, in which the abir-gulal will fly fiercely. The process of circumambulation continues from early morning until late evening. On the other hand, on the occasion of Rangbharni Ekadashi, Holi will also be performed at Shri Krishna’s birthplace in Mathura.

These will be the main events of Holi de Braj

February 27 – Barsana Laddu Holi
February 28 – Lathmar Holi in Barsana
March 01 – Nandgaon Lathmar Holi
March 03 – Rangbharni Ekadashi Vrindavan Parikrama

Mathura Shri Krishna Birthplace Lathmar Holi

March 04 – Chhadimar Holi in Gokul
Mar 07 – Holika Dahan, Panda’s leela coming out of burning Holika in Falain and Chaturvedi Samaj’s dola in Mathura
March 09 – Huranga by Dauji, Charkula Mukrai dance
March 15 – Holi Celebration at Rangji Vrindavan Temple

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