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Holi 2023 village women preparing herbal colors and gulal from cow dung



Amethyst: Holi is special for everyone. To enhance this festival, the women of Amethi play their part. Women prepare natural gulal and colors for Holi in rural areas. So that people can play Holi without any danger. Many women’s groups are doing this work and so far the color and gulal have reached thousands of families.

A group of women from Bhavapur village of Bhadar development block prepare gulal and color by mixing arrowroot into the ashes of cow dung. They derive many benefits from this work. Along with this, the misuse of cow dung is also avoided. There is no adulteration in the color and gulal made by women. This color and gulal are prepared by hardworking women. Then, after packing it, it is sent to markets and to more people.

improvement of the economic situation
Taking into account the demand of the people, for 3 years continuously, a group of women have been preparing colors and gulal during the Holi festival. According to the demand of the people, a group of women prepares this color and gulal on different days. Ramadevi said we prepare color and gulal by mixing arrowroot and many other things in cow dung. It does not cause any damage to the face.

women get stronger
The group treasurer Sanju Devi said that 14 women are associated in my group. In view of the Holi festival, the gulal and the color are prepared from cow dung, which is completely natural and organic. No chemicals of any kind were used in this area. The women not only get self-sufficiency from this business, but their economic situation also improves.

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FIRST POST: 05 Mar 2023, 00:42 IST