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Holi celebration : Holi celebrations at Ramnagari, see this Naga sadhus related scene in the video – holi celebration naga sadhu ram nagari ayodhya viral video news



Ayodhya Video: Holi was fiercely played with Abir Gulal in Ramnagari Ayodhya. Naga sadhus performed Holi at Hanumangarhi. Hundreds of Naga sadhus also held a procession under the leadership of Mahant Raju Das of Hanumangarhi, which people were amazed to see. During this time, Fagua songs were also sung and processions also reached the temples.

holi celebration naga sadhu ram nagari ayodhya
Naga sadhus played Holi on Holi
Ayodhya: The Holi festival has begun at the colorful Ekadashi temples in Ram Nagri. The Naga sadhus fiercely performed Holi at Hanumangarhi. Abir Gulal flew up and congratulated with a hug. Naga sadhus started Holi by applying Abir Gulal to seated Hanumanji. Hundreds of Naga sadhus under the leadership of Mahant Raju Das of Hanumangarhi staged a procession with Holi drumming and Hanumangarhi drumming. Naga sadhus were invited for Holi in the main mathematical temples of Ram Nagri. The Naga sadhus bypassed 5 kos from the cultural boundary of Ram Nagri. Naga Sadhus chanting Faguas in the streets with the mark of Hanuman ji reached major temples.

Holi Naga Sadhu: Holi of Naga Sadhus…wouldn’t have seen such a spectacle at Hanumangarhi

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