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Holika dahan make eco friendly in basti people will get rid of environment pollution



Report: Krishna Gopal Dwivedi

colony: Holi Dahan has its own special meaning in Hindu culture. Worshiping during Holika Dahan destroys all sorrows of man. Along with this, happiness, peace and prosperity also come into the house. But by using green trees and leaves in Holika Dahan, environmental pollution spreads quickly.

That is why now, on the initiative of voluntary associations and the district administration, people insist on using cow dung instead of piling wood in Holika Dahan. As a result, the incomes of cattle breeders also increase. This time there is a plan to make Holika Dahan completely eco-friendly in the neighborhood.

There is a lot of demand for Kande in the market
The way the demand for cow dung increases, it will not only protect the environment and bring health benefits to people, but also increase the income of farmers who raise cows. They earn a good income by selling cow dung to the kandas. The cow dung rate in the market is up to Rs.10-20 depending on the size. His request is the highest.

increase in income
Babunder Yadav said that earlier he used to keep cow dung in one place and sell it to farmers at a nominal rate, which was used by farmers as manure in their fields, but since the demand from kande has increased in Holi, now We sell it to people based on demand by making cakes from it, through which income is also generated.

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