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How many wives does Nawazuddin Siddiqui have?



Muzaffarnagar: A new debate has erupted after actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui allegedly kicked his wife Aaliya Siddiqui out of the house. This argument between husband and wife is not new. It started in December 2012. The case came to light in 2020 when Aaliya filed an FIR against her brother-in-law for molesting her daughter and molesting Nawazuddin with her stepmother.

Hailing from the Budhana town of Muzaffarnagar, Nawazuddin has established himself in the world of Bollywood. Controversies have been closely associated with Nawazuddin ever since he established himself in the industry as a successful actor. The altercation between the two was highlighted by the video that Aaliya Siddiqui tweeted on Friday.

Aliya made serious allegations against her brother-in-law
In fact, if we look at the lives of the two, the beginning of the dispute can be seen from December 2012. According to the FIR, Alia Siddiqui made serious allegations against her brother-in-law Minajuddin after being transferred from the police station of Versova in Mumbai at Budhana police station on August 14, 2020.

That’s how the controversy started
Aliya had alleged that in 2012, when she came with Nawaz to their ancestral residence in Budhana, her daughter was sexually assaulted by her brother-in-law Minajuddin. On whose complaint husband Nawazuddin and mother-in-law Mehrunnisa as well as brother-in-law Faizuddin and Ayazuddin assaulted her.

The controversy began after the trial
Budhana Police Station, after discussing the case, issued a final report stating that no evidence had been found. Whereupon the court summoned Alia Siddiqui on March 22. A complaint was filed against the accused 8 years after the incident of the girl’s molestation. With the filing of the case, the separation between Aaliya and Nawazuddin began.

In January 2023, Nawazuddin’s mother, Mehrunnisa, filed an FIR against Aaliya Siddiqui for assault at the Versova police station. After which, on January 23, 2023, Deputy Inspector Dnyaneshwar of the Versova Police Station summoned Aaliya Siddiqui to the police station to record her statement.

Nawaz’s mother had also filed a complaint

Seeing the action taken against her, Aaliya also filed a complaint at the police station accusing her mother-in-law Mehrunnisa. In whose favor Alia went to the police station on Thursday and recorded the statement. Aaliya who returned home after that was not allowed to enter. Alia made the same allegation when releasing the video Thursday night.