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How to identify fake Mawa



Mukesh Pandey, Mirzapur: During the Holi festival, if you also buy khoya at the market and take it, be careful, otherwise the sweetness of your Gujiya may turn into disease. The SDM raided the Badi Khoya Mandi of Purvanchal located in Chunar district of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh and seized a large quantity of adulterated Khoya.

SDM looted and seized 80 quintals of khoya
Khoya Mandi, located at Chunar in Mirzapur district, was raided by SDM Chunar Navneet Sehra on Sunday. Due to the SDM raid, some khoya sellers ran away throwing the khoya. Meanwhile, 45 traders were selling khoya, where their khoya was confiscated due to tampering.

During the raid, a nearby settlement was attacked by the team, where by breaking the lock of several rooms in the settlement, a large amount of adulterated khoya, scales and other items were recovered from inside. The places where these khoya were kept, there was no cleaning done with a terrible stench.

fake khoya seized during the raid

80 quintals of fake khoya seized during the raid

Sales were held in many towns in Purvanchal as well as Bihar
Traders from many places including Varanasi, Sonbhadra, Bhadohi and Chandauli of Purvanchal including Bihar come to buy khoya from Minister Chunar Khoya of Mirzapur. SDM Chunar had received information about the adulteration regarding the Holi festival, after which SDM raided with Tehsildar Chunar and the police team. The adulterated khoya was destroyed by bringing it to the police station in six tractors. The Food Department took samples from all of them and sent them for investigation.

SDM said – action will be taken against those who adulterate
SDM Chunar Navneet Sehra said a large amount of adulterated Khoya was recovered during a raid on Chunar Khoya Mandi. The recovered khoya is about 80 quintals. Khowa was destroyed by bringing it to the police station by tractor. Concrete measures will be taken against those who sell adulterated khoya.

Here’s how to identify the real Mawa
Add a little sugar to the mawa and heat it. If it starts releasing water, it’s wrong.
Rub mawa on your thumbnail. The smell of ghee will come from real mawa.
Make khoya balls. If this ball starts to explode, then understand that Mawa is fake or adulterated.
– Real mawa does not stick in the mouth while fake mawa will stick.