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Hundreds of flower pots stolen to welcome G-20 delegation



Agra: People took away the flower pots planted to welcome the foreign guests who came to attend the G20 summit (2023 G20 summit). When the guards guarding the jars learned of this, there was a commotion. When he began the investigation, he collected pots from the homes of many people living nearby. The owner of the company that installed the flower pots filed a complaint with the Tajganj police station.

A delegation of G20 guests had arrived in Agra on February 10. To welcome the guests, Agra Development Authority had beautifully decorated the “I Love Agra” Selfie Point located on Fatehabad Road. To create an attraction, the authority had installed thousands of flower pots by M/s Proguard Securities. These pots were priced from 1500 to 600 rupees.

The delegation of foreign guests left Agra on February 13. As soon as he left, the security guards and the police also let go. Taking the opportunity, walking on the road, people around stole the pots. When it became known on Tuesday, a complaint was filed on behalf of the firm at the Tajganj police station.

pots collected from homes
There were 24 inch and 10 inch flower pots placed at the selfie point. As soon as the foreign guests left, people started stealing pots. When many houses were searched, pots were recovered from their homes. Traders had put flowerpots outside their establishments. When the authority figures retrieved the jars, they faced a lot of embarrassment.

Four security guards were deployed
Thousands of precious pots have been set up within a radius of about one kilometer around I Love Agra Selfie Point. Four security guards Sonu Sharma, Anuj Chahar, Hrithik Bhardwaj and Ravindra were deployed to take care of them. It was difficult to protect yourself within a radius of one kilometer, but the people themselves spoiled the beauty of the city and stole the pots.