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Husband and wife tricked three youngsters out of Rs 70 lakh into posing as PCS officers, case registered



After the case of three youths cheated out of 70 lakhs in Gorakhpur came to light, police ears perked up. The police have registered a case against the fraudster couple on the Tahrir base. Both are wanted. The defendants deceived youngsters out of Rs 70 lakh in the name of getting them jobs, contracts and shops in AIIMS.

Gorakhpur News: Husband and wife tricked three youngsters out of Rs 70 lakh into posing as IPS officers, case registered
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Pramod Pal, Gorakhpur: In Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, people are in shock after a case of cheating of Rs 70 lakh by three people on Bunty and Babli lines came to light. The two cheaters are husband and wife. On the other hand, the husband calls himself an officer of the PCS After having received a complaint against the couple from the victims of the scam, the police search for them both by registering a file.

The PCS officer used to say to himself

The couple living in Gayatripuram of Chiluatal police station area in Gorakhpur had 3 people victimized by their Bunty Babli movie model scam. According to Mili Tahrir, cheaters are husband and wife. Together they cheated around Rs 70 lakh from 3 people from Sant Kabir Nagar district in the name of getting a job, contract and shop at AIIMS. Let us tell you that Rajeev Tiwari first exerted his influence on the three youths who were tricked into posing as PCS officers and tricked them into deceiving them. His wife Shipra was also involved in this act of cheating. The peculiarity is that in the past, a cheating case of Rs 34 lakh was registered against husband and wife at Cantt police station.

In this act of cheating, the woman also used to cooperate well.

The three deceived youths filed a complaint against Rajeev and his wife Shipra by giving Tahrir to Chiluatal police station. Deepak Kumar, a resident of Ghanghata in Sant Kabir Nagar district, said he met Rajeev Tiwari a few years ago. He introduced himself as a PCS officer and asked his wife Shipra to meet him, according to the woman, she knows AIIMS well. He has a good knowledge of AIIMS officials, took Rs 45 lakh from me under the guise of getting me a parking contract and shop. Similarly, husband and wife cheated 18.50 lakh from Gaighat resident Dinesh Kumar and 6 lakh from Mukhlispur resident Jai Hind Chaudhary in the name of getting a job at AIIMS.

A fraud case of 34 lakhs has already been registered against the couple.

Chief of Chiluatal Police Station Jayant Kumar said that Tahrir was received from the three youths who had been deceived, according to Tahrir a case of forgery and cheating was registered against the husband and wife, the search for the husband and wife is being on, soon He will be arrested. The head of the police station said that a forgery case of Rs 34 lakh has already been registered against the couple at Cantt police station.

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