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I am with my brother… This is how Kunda’s brother king turned against his wife for a friendship of 34 years! – raja bhaiya stands tall in wife bhanvi singh v mlc case akshay pratap knows what matters



Kunda Wale Raghuraj Pratap Singh aka Raja Bhaiya is in the news again. The reason is the rift in his family itself. Raja Bhaiya’s wife, Bhanvi Singh, filed a complaint against his close associate Akshay Pratap Singh alias Gopal ji. This MLC Akshay Pratap Singh who has 34 years of friendship with Raja Bhaiya. The friendship has lasted for three generations in both families. The example of the political intensity of both is given not only in Pratapgarh but across the state. In such a situation, filing an FIR against Akshay in the name of Raja’s wife is a myth in itself. The case becomes more special when Raja Bhaiya talks openly about supporting his younger brother in this case. After all, what is this whole business, let us understand.

Raja Bhaiya’s wife made a serious allegation

Raja Bhaiya's wife made a serious allegation

On behalf of Bhanvi Singh, a complaint has been filed against Akshay Pratap Singh alleging fraud. In the FIR filed, he was charged with stock grabbing through false signatures. He alleged cheating and forgery in Shree Da Properties Pvt Ltd. Akshay Pratap was declared a habitual and habitual criminal in the case.

FIR filed against Akshay Pratap Singh Gopalji


The friendship between the families of Raja Bhaiya and Akshay Pratap has lasted for 3 generations. Bhanvi named Akshay Pratap Singh as the main defendant in his FIR. Along with this, Anil Singh, Indra Dev Patel, Umesh Singh, Hariom Shankar Srivastava, Arun Rastogi, Ramdev Yadav have also been charged.

Raghuraj Pratap Singh is standing with his younger brother

Raghuraj Pratap Singh is standing with his younger brother

Raja Bhaiya said on this subject that I am naturally with my younger brother. What to do if the wife filed the FIR. There will be an investigation and the truth will come out. To our knowledge, no fraud has taken place. Everything else is up for discussion. Everyone should wait.

MLC Gopalji is special for Kunda Naresh Raja


Kunda MP Raja Bhaiya said that I was neither a plaintiff nor an accused. I know the problem very well. All allegations against Akshay Pratap are baseless. I am definitely with him. Akshay Pratap Singh Gopal ji also served as MP for Lok Sabha. He also becomes MLC twice.

Raja Bhaiya’s wife imposed multiple sections at Delhi police station

Raja Bhaiya's wife imposed multiple sections at Delhi police station

On Bhanvi Singh’s complaint, an FIR was registered against the accused under IPC Sections 420, 467, 468, 471, 109 and 120B at EOW Police Station. Bhanvi also said that a case is already registered against Akshay under Sections 34, 120B, 147, 148, 149, 201, 286, 303, 306, 307, 308, 323, 324. Apart from this, cases are also registered under IPC Sections 328, 342,364,379,395, 397, 447,448, 504, 506 and UP Gangster Act etc.

Raja Bhaiya got stuck in ‘family’

Raja Bhaiya trapped in the family

Akshay Pratap and his associates, with the help of strangers, posed as directors of the company. We introduced ourselves as shareholders of my company. People have been robbed of their property and money by threatening to kill them. They also do their business from illegal benami properties unopposed in the NCR region including Delhi.


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