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If you also like street food, be careful



Report: Srijit Awasthi

Pilibhit. If you also like to eat street food, you have to be careful now. We do not say that, but the statistics of the health department. Over the past few days, there has been an increase in such patients suffering from stomach diseases at Pilibhit District Hospital. Most of them are people who eat a lot of street food.

In fact, the street food trend has grown a lot in recent years. If we talk about the city of Pilibhit, you will find vendors selling street food all over the city. Most of the craze for these foods is seen in children. But in the greed to earn more profit, these vendors don’t care about the quality of the food at all.

oil play

The same oil is used several times for frying food. By doing this, a significant effect can be seen on the health of the eater. Foods made in this oil used repeatedly become a major cause of stomach diseases. According to experts, by heating the same oil repeatedly, trans fatty acids begin to form in it. It increases by 10% each time the oil is heated. Trans fatty acids are very harmful to people’s health.

doctor’s opinion

If we talk about the figures received from the district hospital, about 800 patients come per day. There are 30% of patients who suffer from stomach problems. Most of these people are the ones who eat street food with great enthusiasm. Dr. Ramakant Sagar, chief medical officer at the district hospital, says that as the weather changes, there is a significant increase in such cases. Most people come with problems like constipation, indigestion, gas. People should pay attention to their health. Avoid eating poor quality street food.

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