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If you are going to study in a foreign university, then know the new way of thugs, emptying your bank account like this



Cyber ​​Crime Bank Account Update: Online fraud cases are increasing day by day. Fraudsters loot people by showing them the dream of giving them the things they need cheaply. A similar case came to light in Ghaziabad, where a young man was offered a cheap data science course at the University of London. After that ran away after accepting online payment.

admission fee fraud at a foreign university
Fraud in the name of admission to a foreign university

strong points

  • Thugs victimized a person living in Rajnagar Extension society
  • Claimed to study data science for less than the University of London
  • Cybercriminals are looking for targets via social media, be careful
Ghaziabad: A scam case has come to the fore under the guise of studying at a foreign university while sitting at home. The thugs tricked a person working as an analyst in a company in the name of making him take a data science course. Victim Sanjeev Singh also filed a complaint with the Cyber ​​Cell on the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal. ACP Crime Bhaskar Verma said some of these cases have been reported. An investigation is ongoing on the basis of a complaint.

Sanjeev, who lives in the company of Rajnagar Extension, said that on February 12, he came across the ad on Facebook about getting a data science course at the University of London. He opened his link and gave his details. After that, two people including the wife called him. Sanjeev said the fee for the distance learning course was 65,000 rupees, but told him that he would only get 10,000 rupees for this course. For this, payment must be made immediately. The thugs had also sent a link to the university’s website. He paid Rs 10,000. Later, the accused stopped answering his calls.

Cheat on behalf of universities from many countries

ACP Crime Bhaskar Verma said that in such cases, thugs trick people into studying in universities in many countries including America, France and Australia. Many major foreign universities offer distance learning courses, but their fees are very high. In such a situation, thugs deceive people by calling them universities in those countries.

keep these things in mind

After checking the university information found on social networks, give your details there.
If the name of a new university appears, do a full search on it.
Often people are tricked into telling the fake website of the famous university, in such a situation, the officials can get information about fees and admission by visiting the site.
Instead of opening the website from the link sent by rogue, open it after gathering information from its website.

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