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In Noida the dog was mercilessly beaten with sticks… When the video went viral police arrested 2 youngsters – noida dog attacked viral video in bhangel area phase 2 police arrested the ‘accused



A video of a dog being beaten in the Bhangel area of ​​Noida has gone viral. In it, two youths are seen brutally beating the dog with sticks at night. After video of the incident went viral, police intervened and arrested the accused.

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Naida:Noida Police have arrested 2 youths accused of violently beating a dog in the middle of the night. Police said that as soon as information about the incident was received, the accused were taken into custody and the dog was sent to the NGO for treatment. Video of two youths beating a dog in Bhangel village located in Kotwali Phase II area of ​​Noida is going viral. In 15 seconds, the two youngsters hit the dog 9 times with sticks. This incident is recounted around 2 p.m. Thursday evening.

ACP Amit Pratap Singh said in this case the two youths seen in the video were detained by Kotwali Police. The investigation is ongoing by registering a case in the relevant sections. According to police, the beaten dog in the video is enraged and has bitten numerous people. In the past, when he bit the child of youth seen in the video, both of them beat him. After getting the dog treated, it was handed over to an NGO.

Thousands of people have seen this video go viral on the internet. Many people tagged the officers at the police station and demanded action against the accused. Also in the past, videos of youths beating dogs in different police stations have been released, and action has also been taken.

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