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Infant thrown into Bareilly pond kept alive by hyacinth flower rescued by news from villagers



Barilly: Jako rakhe saiyan, maar sake na koi… A living example of this was seen in Bareilly. A shocking case has now been brought to light in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, after a newborn baby was safely rescued from a 20ft deep pit. There was a case where a two-day-old girl was dumped on the bank of a pond in a village here. Both legs of the newborn were submerged in the water of the pond, while the head was saved from drowning thanks to the hyacinth.

This case concerns the village of Khataua in the region of Nawabganj in Bareilly. Ahmed, the village’s former chief lawyer, was passing by when a child’s cry was heard from the shore of the pond. Approaching, a newborn girl was seen just at the mouth of the pond. Making noise, the local population gathered on the spot. Everyone who saw the girl alive called her a miracle.

Upon information, the police first took the girl to the community health center, from where she was referred to the district hospital. The elder Pradhan’s family expressed their desire to adopt the girl but the police refused citing rules and regulations. Child Welfare Committee (CWC) Chairman Dinesh Chandra said the girl’s name was Ganga.

Extra SP (Rural) Rajkumar Aggarwal said: “The girl was lucky that part of her torso got stuck in the water hyacinth itself.” Thanks to this, she was saved from drowning. The girl was handed over to the Child Protection Committee and transferred to a foster home in Bareilly. We will wait for the arrival of the girl’s parents for the next 72 hours and in case no one shows up, a complaint will be registered.