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Inmates-of-jhansi-prison-preparing-herbal-gulal-for-Holi – News18 Hindi



Report – Shashwat Singh
Jhansi District Jail officers, staff and prisoners are busy preparing for Herbal Holi. With the help of the prison administration, inmates prepare herbal gulal here and Holi will be played with it. The prison administration will provide this herbal gulal to inmates and prison staff to play Holi. On the one hand, on the occasion of Holi, when inmates learn to prepare herbal gulal, on the other hand, inspiration is given to avoid chemical colors in Holi.

Inmates of the district prison prepare gulal from spinach, beets. This special gulal is prepared by mixing vegetable dyes with arrowroot. Rose juice is added to it for fragrance. Vegetables that grow in the prison premises have been made available to inmates by the prison administration to prepare gulal, from which gulal is prepared. This special gulal is being prepared in the district jail for the purpose of avoiding chemical colors in the Holi festival and preparations are being made to celebrate Holi in a special way.

This Holi with colors without chemicals
Senior Jail Superintendent Rang Bahadur Patel said many inmates in the district jail prepare herbal gulal for the Holi festival. Here, inmates prepare this herbal gulal made from spinach, beetroot and rose. It will be used by inmates as well as prison staff and officers. It is an attempt to convey this message that the use of chemicals should be avoided on the occasion of Holi. Along with this, the skills of the prisoners are also improved which can come in handy in their livelihood after they get out of here.

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