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Innocent attacked stray dogs in Moradabad Delhi refer



Stray dogs attacked an innocent man in Moradabad from UP. When the girl’s condition became critical, doctors referred her to Delhi.

Sajrul Hussain, Moradabad: The threat of stray dogs keeps growing in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Stray dogs attack every day in the city and in the countryside. The threat of stray dogs in the city is increasing day by day. The latest case was discovered in the Nagphani police station area of ​​the city. Where a pack of stray dogs attacked an innocent one and a half year old girl. The girl was seriously injured during dog attacks. At the same time, people working around the farm somehow saved the girl from a pack of stray dogs. The girl was admitted to the emergency room at the district hospital for treatment, but seeing her condition worsening, she was referred from the district hospital to the higher center, who sent the innocent to Delhi for treatment.

This is how a pack of stray dogs attacked

A pack of stray dogs attacked an innocent one-and-a-half-year-old girl from a farming family living in Nagfani area of ​​Moradabad, as the innocent girl went to the farm with her whole family. Where the whole family was working in the fields, but the Ram girl was playing on the other side of the Ganges, when suddenly a pack of stray dogs attacked the innocent girl. The dogs seriously injured the innocent by biting his ear and head. Due to the serious condition of the innocent, in a hurry, the innocent was taken to the district hospital at Civil Line for treatment. Where seeing his serious condition, Higher Center was referred to Delhi.

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