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Invention of Jhansi medical college by paramedics will help patients and attendants



Report: Shashwat Singh

Jhansi: It is the biggest responsibility of caregivers accompanying patients admitted to hospitals to ensure that the drip provided to the patient does not stop. For this, the Timardars must stay awake all night. If the drip is not monitored, air fills inside the veins after the bottle is empty. It can also be dangerous for patients. To overcome this problem, Dr. Anshul Jain, Director of Paramedic Block of Jhansi Medical College and his team made an invention.

Speaking to News 18 Local, Dr Anshul Jain said one end of the tubing used for the drip is placed inside the bottle. When the bottle empties, the air inside begins to enter the veins through this pipe. For this reason, it becomes necessary to replace the bottle immediately. If the staff is not present on time, there may be a problem for the patient. But the new drip pipe prepared by the Medical College will solve this problem.

The sale will start from next month:
Dr. Jain said that there is an effort to address this problem and its solution by the students studying paramedic. The process of obtaining a patent for this invention is also in progress. Along with this, two companies are also working to manufacture this drip hose. These drip pipes will be available in the market by next month. There will also be no significant change in its cost. This invention will prove to be very useful for patients.

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