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Irfan Solanki: Another big action on SP MLA Irfan Solanki know how many cases have been filed so far – irfan solanki samajwadi party mla bhumafia gangster act kanpur up news



Sumit Sharma, Kanpur: Police are tightening their grip on SP MLA Irfan Solanki from Kanpur. The name of deputy Irfan Solanki was included in the list of the land mafia. Along with this, the names of other defendants involved in the Gangster Act will also be included in the land mafia list. Once the names of all accused gangsters, including the MLA, are included in the list, the scope for police action will increase. Irfan’s problems will increase further if his name is included in the land mafia list. At the same time, the name of MLA’s brother, Rizwan, is put on the list of the Unnao land mafia.

Gangster action against SP MLA Irfan Solanki including burning down the hut built on the disputed land, traveling by air with fake Aadhaar card, giving certificate to Bangladeshi citizen, demanding extortion, occupying 400 meters of plot of businessman Morang, indecency with the police Was done .

Extended names in a gangster act

In November-December 2022, 6 complaints were filed against Irfan Solanki. With this, the number of cases against Irfan rose to 17. The police had accused MP Irfan Solanki, his brother Rizwan Solanki, the history sheet of MP Ijrai Atte Wala’s henchmen, Shaukat Ali, Mohammad Sharif in the gangster action. Irfan was made the leader of this gang. Three other names have been extended by police in the Gangster Act case. Former Councilor Mannu Rahman, Mursleen aka Bholu, Mo Ajjan has been charged in the Gangster Act.

the police station prepared a list of the land mafia

After the formation of the police station in Kanpur, the land mafia list is again being prepared. These people have been re-identified. Who do the work of buying and selling disputed properties. Joint CP Anand Prakash Tiwari says gangster law action is also taken against those involved in the buying and selling of disputed properties.

The assets of all those accused of the Gangst Act will be confiscated

Defendants included in the Gangster Act used to vacate disputed lands by buying them at ridiculous prices at the behest of the deputy. After that, they used to build a building on the same land. Along with this, they occupied the lands through extortion and threats. Joint CP says that with the inclusion of the three defendants in the gang, assets derived from the crime will be investigated.