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Irfan Solanki appeared in court in Kanpur MP MLA of Kanpur News Maharajganj



Kanpur: Police are closing in on SP MLA Irfan Solanki. Irfan Solanki has been declared a land mafioso. On Saturday, Irfan Solanki was brought before the MP-MLA court in Kanpur from Maharajganj prison under tight security. Meanwhile, family members and supporters of Irfan were also present outside the court.

Gangster action against SP MLA Irfan Solanki, including burning down the hut built on the disputed land, traveling by air with a fake Aadhaar card, issuing a certificate to a Bangladeshi citizen, demanding extortion, occupation of 400 meters of Morang businessman’s land, indecency with the police Was done .

MLA is gang leader

In November-December 2022, 6 complaints were filed against Irfan Solanki. With this, the number of cases against Irfan rose to 17. The police had accused Irish MP Irfan Solanki, his brother Rizwan Solanki, MP Ijrai Atte Wala’s henchmen, Shaukat Ali, Mohammad Sharif in the action of the gangster. Irfan was made the leader of this gang. Three other names have been extended by police in the Gangster Act case. Former Councilor Mannu Rahman, Mursleen aka Bholu, Mo Ajjan has been charged in the Gangster Act.

No bail for defendant in arson case

With the exception of Irfan Solanki in the case of air travel with a fake Aadhaar card, all the defendants were granted bail by the High Court. In this case, Ammar Ali, the driver of the accused leader of the SP Noori Shaukat, had filed a request for discharge before the Court of Sessions. The Crown will file an objection to this motion. Other defendants are also present in court. Meanwhile, no defendants have been released on bail in the Jajmau arson case.