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Irfan Solanki rejects bail plea in fake adhar sp card case troubled MP



News from Irfan Solanki: The problems of Irfan Solanki, an MP from the Samajwadi party, do not take the name of reduction. The High Court rejected his bail application in the fake Aadhaar card case. At the same time, after the Kanpur Dehat incident, investigative agencies are on high alert regarding the confiscation of property.

Irfan Solanki

strong points

  • sp mla irfan solanki failed to get high court waiver in bogus aadhaar card case
  • The High Court rejects the MP’s bail plea and will now go to the Supreme Court
  • Supporters refer to Kanpur Dehat incident regarding confiscation of property
  • Investigative agencies alerted, open discussion on registered cases against MLA
Sumit Sharma, Kanpur: Irfan Solanki, a Samajwadi Party MP for Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, has received a double blow from the High Court. The court did not grant him any relief for the fake Aadhaar card. On Friday, MLA Irfan Solanki’s bail plea in the fake Aadhaar cards case was rejected by the High Court. Meanwhile, the High Court has already rejected the bail application in the arson case. It’s a double blow for MP Irfan Solanki. The member is now about to approach the Supreme Court. There is hope for relief from there. At the same time, in view of the Kanpur Dehat incident, the police and intelligence agencies went into high alert mode regarding the confiscation of Irfan’s property.

Gangster action against SP MLA Irfan Solanki including burning down the hut built on the disputed land, traveling by air with fake Aadhaar card, giving certificate to Bangladeshi citizen, demanding extortion, occupying 400 meters of plot of businessman Morang, indecency with the police Was done . In the past two months, 6 complaints have been filed against Irfan Solanki. With this, the number of cases against Irfan rose to 17. Police had accused Irish MP Irfan Solanki, his brother Rizwan Solanki, Israel MP’s henchmen Atte Wala, Shaukat Ali, Mohammad Sharif in the action of the gangster. Irfan was made the leader of this gang.

The prosecution argued

The prosecution argued in court that a non-releasable warrant had been issued against Irfan Solanki in the Jajmau arson case. To scare Irfan away, a fake Aadhaar card was prepared in the name of Ashraf Ali. Using this fake Aadhaar card, Irfan had flown from Delhi to Mumbai. Cases have been registered against Irfan Solanki in serious sections as a gangster. Irfan’s list of crimes is very long.

He got bail in the case

On the other hand, defense lawyer Gaurav Dixit argued in court that the Aadhaar card is a form under the law and not a valuable asset. In such a situation, the offense of forgery of valuables is not constituted. There has also been talk of wrongfully implicating Irfan. After hearing both sides, the court denied Irfan’s bail request. In this case, Irfan’s brothers-in-law Akhtar Liaquat, Anwar Liaquat Mansuri and SP leader Noori Shaukat, Ashraf Ali, Ishrat Ali and Noori’s driver Ammar Elahi were released on bail.

intelligence agencies on alert

A video of the conversation of Irfan Solanki’s lawyer, Gaurav Dixit, has gone viral. It was said that the police were confiscating Irfan’s property against the rules. Getting ready to do another episode of Kanpur Dehat. He accused the police that in one month, the police registered eight cases. Before November 7, 2022, there were only two cases against the MLA. The legal service committee set up by the state government to seize properties is not followed. After that, the police and intelligence agencies went into alert mode.

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