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Is there a car in the dowry or not… After the fourth round, asks the groom, the procession returns in the middle of the ruckus



Annoyed at not having a dowry car in Kanpur, the groom left incomplete and returned with the motorcade. In the case, the victim appealed to the Kanpur Police Commissioner for justice. It is said that the groom stopped on the fourth lap of the car and resumed the procession. The police registered the case and opened an investigation.

Kanpur News: Is there a car in dowry or not... After the fourth round, the groom asked, the procession returned without taking the bride
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Sumit Sharma, Kanpur: A surprising case has been revealed in Kanpur in UP. In Hindu society, seven marriage cycles are considered to be a bond of seven births. But in Kanpur, a groom took seven shots with the bride. In the meantime, he stopped during the fourth lap. When people from the girls’ side asked the reason for stopping during the tours, they said whether there was a car in the dowry or not. Hearing this, the groom’s brother-in-law and sister also started making noise around the car. When the maiden’s side expressed their inability to donate the car, the groom left incomplete laps and returned with the motorcade.

People from the girls side met Kanpur Police Commissioner BP Jogdand last Thursday and were briefed on the whole incident. The girls’ side had asked the commissioner to take action against the boys’ side. The police commissioner ordered the relevant station to file a complaint against the boy’s side.

The groom stopped in the fourth round

The girl, residing in Satbari Road, Bidhanu Police Station area, got married on February 15, 2023 at a guesthouse in Govind Nagar. Before the wedding, the baby shower shows, Tilak, Jaimal had taken place. The bride and groom were walking around the wedding. Meanwhile, the groom’s sister-in-law and in-laws started screaming for not getting the car as a dowry. Hearing this, the groom stopped for the fourth. He said that when the car is found, only then the other laps will be over.

spent five lakhs

The bride side alleges that earlier the boy took three lakh rupees from the house. One lakh rupees was donated to book the guest house. Including the money donated in the envelopes, a total of five lakh rupees was donated. Even after that, the people on the groom’s side started a row at round time.

misbehavior with the wedding

When the people on the bride’s side joined in and expressed their inability to give the car away, the groom stopped her halfway. In front of the whole society, people on the bride’s side began to abuse. After that, the bridegroom returned with the procession. The PC instructed the SHO to file a report.

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