Islamic State of Azamgarh: Plot to detonate Aug 15 failed, UP ATS arrested Islamic State of Azamgarh suspect

Islamic State of Azamgarh: Plot to detonate Aug 15 failed, UP ATS arrested Islamic State of Azamgarh suspect

Azamgarh: UP ATS arrested an ISIS suspect from Azamgarh. Police say the accused was in contact with several members of the International Terrorist Organization and was planning a bombing on Independence Day. The suspect’s name is Sabauddin Azmi and he is also a member of AIMIM.

UP ATS had received information from the partner agency that a person from Amillo Mubarakpur district, Azamgarh, along with his associates, was spreading jihadist ideology through social media. Azmi was motivating people to join ISIS.

Terror spread by telegram
When he was brought in for questioning, it was discovered that he was associated with AL-SAQAR Media, a brainwashing telegram channel for terrorism and jihad. It was also learned that after connecting on Facebook with a person named Bilal, he used to talk about jihad and the crackdown on the ‘mujahed’ in Kashmir. In a matter of talks, Bilal gave the number of Musa alias Khatab Kashmiri who is a member of ISIS. Thanks to which the case of the accused Sabauddin began.

Has been in contact with a Syrian terrorist
Musa gave the number of ISIS’s Abu Bakr al-Shami, who is currently in Syria, planning revenge for alleged atrocities against Muslims in Kashmir. After coming into contact with Abu Bakr al-Shami, Sabauddin learned of the formation of an Islamic organization in India like ISIS and of creating an identity card to avenge the crackdown on the mujahideen.

An African terrorist learned how to make bombs
Shami explained to Sabauddin the method and materials needed to make improvised explosive devices. It was he who put Sabauddin in contact with the Islamic State recruiter and now Omar, a citizen of the African country of Murtinia. Abu Umar started giving training in making hand grenades, bombs and IEDs through social media apps. The mujahideen formed organizations and started working on a plan to establish the Islamic State in India and implement Islamic rule and Sharia law in India.

RSS fake facebook account
Sabauddin has created an e-mail identifier in the name of RSS in order to target RSS members. He was working on a plan to target her by creating a Facebook account from her.

In regards to Sabauddin Azmi, a case was arrested at Lucknow Police Station under offense number 02/2022 under Sections 121A, 122, 123 IPC and the Prevention of Unlawful Activities Act 1967 and of Law 25 on weapons. Illegal weapons, cartridges, 1 soldering iron, a PVC wiring wire, two half-meter pieces of red and black color, white color lead, one MCV, wire cutter, two testers, screwdriver, pliers, a drill, mobile, Chinese nail wrapped in paper in a plastic box and a coke nail were recovered. (Report: Aman Gupta)


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