Jalaun News damaged culvert works complete, vehicles start driving on bundelkhand highway

Jalaun News damaged culvert works complete, vehicles start driving on bundelkhand highway

Jalun: Due to heavy rains in Jalaun on the night of July 20, the road of a culvert constructed nearly 195 km from Khanuwa village towards Jalaun to Chitrakoot on the Bundelkhand highway was damaged due to damage. As soon as the matter was brought to the attention of the authorities, repair work began immediately. After the culvert was rehabilitated and a sweep drain was constructed, vehicles began to pick up again. UPEDA improved it by fixing it at night, and this sweep drain was made for drainage.

In fact, the culvert near Chhiriya Salempur on the Bundelkhand highway passing through Jalaun was damaged. Due to which there were holes in it. Passers-by leaving from there made a video of him and went viral on social media. After which, taking the matter very seriously, the labor organization immediately began repair work. After the work was completed, vehicles resumed driving on the highway.

culvert work completed
The company working on the damaged highway culvert began repairing the pothole as soon as the information was received. An UPDA official said the culvert nearly 195 km was damaged due to heavy rain. But as soon as the information was received, repair work began immediately. All the work has been completed and vehicle traffic has begun. Upeda vehicles are patrolled to patrol. For security, PRV vehicles from UP Police are present.

With the speed of the highway, Bundelkhand’s problems will be overcome

After Bundelkhand gets the freeway gift, the basic facilities that are here will also be launched. Apart from this, tourism and the industrial sector will also be boosted. Thanks to which the young people who migrate will start to find a job. The distance between Bundelkhand Expressway and Delhi has become very short. Now the people of Bundelkhand are just waiting for a job so that their lives can change.
Report – Vishal Kumar

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