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Jewar Airport: Jewar Airport ATC system will start in November this year, know the biggest updates on runway and cost



Work is progressing apace at Noida International Airport. Soon the ATC system will also start working here. At the same time, the airport will initially consist of two runways and then five runways in the second phase. About Rs 30,000 crore is going to be spent on it till 2040. Along with this, the number of passengers coming here every year will reach 70 million.

noida international airport jewar atc system
Jewar Airport will have two runways in the first phase and five in the second phase.

strong points

  • Important Meeting Regarding Jewar Airport, Focus on Trial
  • Chief Secretary said ATC must be ready in time to start trial
  • Rs 30,000 crores will be spent on Jewar Airport by 2040
Greater Noida: The deadline for handing over the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system of Noida Jewar International Airport under construction in Jewar by November this year has been set for Friday. The test run will begin as soon as the ATC is handed over. The decision was taken during the meeting of the airport’s board of directors held under the chairmanship of the chief secretary of state on Friday. The chief secretary indicated that it is very important that the ATC is ready in time to start the trial.

Chief Secretary of State Durga Shankar Mishra attended the board meeting held at the airport under construction site on Friday under his chairmanship the 15th board meeting of Noida International Airport Limited (NAIL) was organized. The progress regarding the development of Noida Greenfield Jewar International Airport was presented during the meeting. Presenting the agenda to the board, NAIL’s chief executive, Dr Arunveer Singh, said ATC and runway work had begun at the airport. The work of the airport will be completed before September 2024. Before this ATC will not be completed until November 2023. At the same time, the Secretary General insisted on the regular monitoring of the work. Principal Secretary of State for Industrial Development, Secretary of Finance in addition to Noida International Airport Nodal Officer Shailendra Bhatia were also present at the meeting.

Five runways will be built in two phases

Explain that the airport runway will be built in two stages. In the first stage, this airport will have two runways and in the second stage, the number of runways will be increased to five. By 2040, this airport will have a capacity of 70 million or 7 crores of annual passengers. About 30,000 crore rupees will be spent on this. The entire airport will be developed in four phases. In the first phase, there will be a capacity of 12 million, or 1.20 crore annual passengers in 2023-24. In the second phase, this capacity will be increased to 30 million in 2031, in the third phase it will be 50 million in 2036 and in the fourth phase in 2040, it will have an annual capacity of 70 million passengers.

There will also be a dedicated cargo terminal

The airport will also have its own dedicated cargo terminal with a capacity of 2 million metric tons. It will be increased to 80 lakh metric tons in the future. Separate routes are also provided for freight. In such a situation, this airport will prove to be a godsend for the transport of products from the various industries located in this area.

Particular emphasis will be placed on connectivity

This airport is located 100 meters from the access control side of the Yamuna highway. It will be connected by creating a modern interchange. The airport was connected by constructing a 60-meter service road parallel to the Yamuna Expressway. Its connectivity will also be from the Eastern Peripheral Road by creating an interchange on the Yamuna Expressway. The Noida airport will also be connected to the Delhi-Varanasi high-speed rail corridor, the station of which will be close to the Noida airport terminal and the distance between Delhi and Noida airport will be traveled in just 21 minutes. Noida airport is also connected to Ballabhgarh (Haryana) by the Delhi Mumbai highway. It will be 30 km long, of which 8.5 km are in Uttar Pradesh and 21.5 km in Haryana.

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