Just a step away from reaching the Gangajal project to the houses of the people of Noida, know where the water has reached

Just a step away from reaching the Gangajal project to the houses of the people of Noida, know where the water has reached

Naida: The plan to bring Gangajal to the homes of people in Greater Noida is progressing rapidly. The Ganges water reached three area reserve wires from the main reserve wire located at Jaitpur in Greater Noida. As a test, water will now be piped to the reservoirs from here. After that, the supply of houses will be started.

Kapil Singh, Senior Director of Greater Noida Authority, said in the first week of September, Gangajal reached the main reserve wire of Greater Noida. From there, the water has now reached near Sharda University in three areas, the Eta reservoir area, the golf course and the knowledge park. Now water will be supplied to reservoirs from here. Water will be supplied to other construction areas including Knowledge Park One Two and Three, Omega One, P Three, P Four and P-7 from the area reserve wire in Knowledge Park. Gangajal will be supplied in Eta One and Two, Delta One, Two and Three via Area Reserve Wire located in the Eta sector. The Alpha One, Beta One and Two and Gamma One and Two sectors will be supplied from the Area Reservewire located at the Golf Course.

At present, Gangajal is being transported to UGR on a trial basis. Once the tests are successful, the powering of households will be started. He said the water reached all three zone reserve wires without leaking from the main tank. It had been in the making for two years. Surendra Singh, CEO of Greater Noida Authority expressed hope that Gangajal will reach homes very soon. He said that due to the water supply from the Ganges, there will be a lot of groundwater savings.

Take a look at the Gangajal project
The proposal to bring 85 cusecs of Ganges water from the Upper Ganges Canal (Hapur) was first made in 2005 and the water supply network was prepared in the Greater Noida region between 2012 and 2014 After the year 2017, construction works of 23 km pipeline from Dehra to Jaitpur, sewage treatment plant and intake (initial treatment plant) in Dehra were started. The 7.4 km Dehra pipeline was to be constructed on Department of Irrigation land. Which the authority has completed by 2018. In front of it, the pipeline was laid by taking land from NTPC.

Pipeline laying works under the Delhi-Howrah railway line near Palla have taken place. The Gangajal reached the Palla WTP in December 2021, crossing the pipeline under the Eastern Perimeter Highway. Meanwhile, some farmers sat on a dharna at the WTP in Palla, due to which the work stopped.

On the instructions of CEO of Greater Noida Authority and Divisional Commissioner of Meerut Surendra Singh, ACEO Aditi Singh after talking to the farmers ended the dharna on July 1 and then work on the project started. In the first week of September, the water of the Ganges had reached the main reserve thread at Jaitpur.


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