kanpur accident mother news

kanpur accident mother news

Kanpur: The whole family is finished, my brother… everyone is gone. Neighbors also died. Brother, it’s all over. There was nothing left. Chandika went to Bhavani’s court to shave. Chandika Mai took everyone… If you see the pain of a female family member who lost her life in the Kanpur accident, you will also have tears in your eyes. Woman’s stone eyes. Anger in the eyes. Tears dried. She yells at the questions. Cursing God for the accident. The woman’s pain reflects the magnitude of the incident. With great pleasure, she left the village to shave her son. The son who was born after many wishes to God. Chandika Devi had arrived at the temple to shave. The accident happened on the way home after shaving.

When the media questions the woman, what happened? The woman’s response to this is enough to tell the whole situation. Woman says tell me bro, whole family is over. It’s finish. Sometimes she would express her regret for the incident by placing her hand on her head. Sometimes cry, cry. The girl was nearby. A girl had an accident. Cursing, feeling sorry for herself. Regarding the Mundan program, I do not know when the program was carried out. So sometimes she would say, why did we survive? It’s finish. The family members left. The neighbors have left. What will you tell the village?

treatment of children
The woman’s child is being treated at LLR Hospital. The child who had asked for the child after so many wishes. Was found. Now he has been admitted to hospital. There he undergoes treatment. This type of incident on her shaving broke the woman to the heart. In fact, Raju Nishad’s one-year-old son was shaved at the Chandika Devi temple in Unnao. On the way back, an accident happened. 26 people died there. In the accident, 6 people lost their lives except the head of the same family. At the same time, a death case of three people from another family surfaced. When the woman was asked how the accident happened, she said I don’t know why the goddess got angry.

Mourning silence in the village of Kortha
There is an eerie silence in Kortha village of Saad police station in Kanpur countryside. The lights of many houses were burned. After the loss of the lives of women and children, the tears in people’s eyes do not stop. The tractor cart belonged to Prahlad Nishad of the village himself. About 50 people were riding on this tractor cart. Everyone reached Chandika temple at Buxar at Unnao via Fatehpur from the village. The villagers said that while returning after shaving, tractor driver Raju and other villagers drank alcohol. After that, the tractor carriage was driven on the road swinging. The driver lost control of the tractor as he tried to get alongside the truck near the Hardev Baba temple between Saad and Ghatampur. The tractor fell into a pond on the side of the road. In this 26 people died.


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