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Kanpur: Boyfriend first beat girlfriend’s uncle with stick… then crushed to death with brick, accused arrested



Kanpur: A shocking case has been revealed in the city of Kanpur. Here, the lover’s uncle, who has become an obstacle in the love story, was beaten to death by the lover. At the same time, the villagers grabbed the accused who was running away after perpetrating the incident. During this time, the villagers violently beat the accused and then handed him over to the police. Police took the injured uncle to Ghatampur CHC, from where doctors referred him to Hallet Hospital in critical condition. Where the uncle died during treatment. The police seized the body and sent it for autopsy.

Rajesh Shankhwar (43), a resident of Para Sarganwa village in Ghatampur Kotwali region, worked in a brick kiln. Rajesh has three brothers, the eldest is Mahesh and the youngest is Rakesh. It was said that Rajesh Shankhwar was unmarried. Rajesh had married the wife of his younger brother Rakesh about ten years ago. The younger brother’s wife already had a daughter. But a year ago, Rajesh Shankhwar’s wife started living in Daulatpur village with her maternal uncle’s daughter. Rajesh’s niece had a love affair with Shubham Sachan, who lived in Nanihal district. When Rajesh learned of this, he scolded the niece. At the same time, Shubham was also instructed to stay away from the niece.

lover had made a murder plan
Rajesh Shankhwar had come to the village in the past. On Thursday, the lover reached the village of Para Sarganwa. He first made Rajesh Shankhwar drink alcohol and then took him to an orchard. According to the plan, the Shubham lover beat the girlfriend’s uncle with a stick and then started running away after crushing him with a brick. Hearing the noise, the surrounding villagers gathered. The villagers grabbed and beat Shubham fiercely. The police, who learned of the incident, arrested the accused.

recorded culpable homicide case
Police said there were three brothers including the late Rakesh, Rakesh had married his younger brother’s wife. But for a year the wife of the deceased lived in the maternal house with the daughter. From there, Shubham got in touch. On the tahrir of eldest brother Mahesh, the police filed a case against the accused for culpable homicide not constituting murder, under SC-ST law.

Shubham was released on bail 15 days ago in the murder case
Ghatampur Kotwal Sunil Singh said Shubham was released on bail in the murder case 15 days ago. In 2019, Shubham was charged with the murder of a youth named Ismail. Police said that in addition to the action, police are also investigating Shubham’s criminal history.
Report – Sumit Sharma

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