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Kanpur: Corpse of husband and son found hanging from noose, wife charged by police, case filed against deceased



Kanpur: A painful incident has been revealed in Kanpur, UP. The crazed father strangled his 7-year-old son to death on Wednesday, then hung his corpse. After hanging the child’s body, the father also committed suicide. Relatives of the deceased did not inform the police of the incident. The family secretly buried the child’s body and cremated the father. When the woman living in the maternal home learned of the incident, there was a stir. The wife of the deceased informed the police of the incident and accused the in-laws of murder. At the same time, the police took out the body of the child buried on Saturday and sent it for autopsy. The wife alleges that the police filed a complaint against the deceased husband after changing the Tahrir.

Ashish Singh, a resident of Arra village below Hanumant Vihar police station, used to sell paan-masala in Gumti. In the family, Neeru, the only son Krishna (7 years old) lived with two daughters Khushi (8 years old), Divya (4 years old). According to reports, Ashish was an alcoholic. Because of this, there was a daily feud between Ashish and Neeru. Because of this, Neeru got angry and went to her maternal home Pukhrayan with her eight-month-old daughter.
Neighbors notified of woman’s death
Ram Kumar, father of the late Ashish, said Ashish was nowhere to be found on Wednesday. When he went to his room and saw, the bodies of both were hanging from the noose. After that, the two were cremated at Deodhi Ghat. Meanwhile, neighbors informed Ashish’s wife Neeru about the incident.
The child’s body was removed
On Friday, Neeru arrived at her in-laws house with her father Lakhan Singh and brothers, when she asked her mother-in-law, father-in-law and brother-in-law about her husband, they all started giving evasive answers. . After that, Neeru came to the police station and told the whole incident to the police. On the order of the District Magistrate, the child’s body was taken out by the police under the supervision of ACM I Rajesh Kumar. The child’s body was sent for an autopsy.

A woman accuses her in-laws of murder Neeru accused the in-laws of murder. The woman said Ashish was a drug addict. That’s why she wanted to divide the house. What the in-laws were fighting over. After killing the son and the husband, the in-laws performed the last rites without informing me or the police. Neeru alleges that the mother-in-law, father-in-law, Nand, Nandoi and the two brothers-in-law are involved in the incident.
The police registered the FIR against the deceased
Neeru also made serious allegations against Hanumant Vihar police. The wife of the deceased says that in case of murder, a petition has been filed against the mother-in-law, father-in-law, Nand, Nandoi and brother-in-law. Instead of the urine complaint letter, the police registered a report by writing a Tahrir against the husband. Neeru’s allegation was that her stepmother, stepfather, Nand beat her. The brother-in-law had bad intentions. When the husband protested, he beat her. For this reason, she began to live in the maternal house with the eldest daughter.
Report – Sumit Sharma