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Kanpur Dehat case: Know about BJP leader Krishna Gautam who showed slippers to Brahmin Mahasabha chairman in Kanpur Dehat



Kanpur Dehat Case Krishna Gautam Viral Video: Political mercury is high since Kanpur Dehat incident. Again, the whole matter is presented by linking it to the Brahmins. Meanwhile, a video of a woman named Krishna Gautam has gone viral. In this, we hear him abusing the president of the Brahman Mahasabha.

strong points

  • After the Kanpur Dehat incident, Krishna Gautam showed slippers to the president of the Brahmin Mahasabha.
  • Activists angry at General Assembly Speaker for clashing with Minister of State Pratibha Shukla
  • Krishna Gautam is a member of Zilla Parishad, said to be close to the Minister of State, the case broke
Kanpur Dehat: The case of the death of a mother-daughter due to a fire in a hut during the anti-encroachment campaign in Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh is gaining momentum. The affair raised the political temperature. Like the Bikru incident in Kanpur, this case is also projected by linking it to the atrocities against the Brahmins. A viral video has further heightened this controversy. In this, a woman named Krishna Gautam is seen abusing the chairman of ‘Main Hoon Brahmin Mahasabha’, Durgesh Mani Tripathi. She also shows slippers to the president of Mahasabha. Now it has been revealed about Krishna Gautam that she is a member of Bharatiya Janata Party. The demand for action against Krishna Gautam, a member of the District Panchayat, began with the Brahmin Mahasabha. At the same time, the video of the BJP leader is going very viral.

What is the problem

State Minister Pratibha Shukla along with her husband and other workers reached the post-mortem house after the death of a mother and daughter in Madauli village in Kanpur Dehat. The victim’s family members were also present. At the same time, Durgesh Mani Tripathi, the chairman of ‘Main Hoon Brahmin Mahasabha’ came to protest. He protested against the minister for not raising his voice against the atrocities committed against the Brahmin family. The minister’s husband, Anil Shukla Warsi, got angry when he saw her protest. An altercation began between the two outside the post-mortem house. The dispute escalated into abuse and scuffles. Meanwhile, an activist by the name of Pratibha Shukla hurled abuse. Threatened with being sent to prison after being implicated in the SC-ST law. His video is going viral on social media.

woman’s identity

The woman who abused and showed slippers to Durgesh Mani Tripathi has been identified as BJP employee Krishna Gautam. Durgesh Mani Tripathi said in this regard that the Minister of State was opposed for not standing with the Brahmin community. The posts were going viral on social media. He alleged that Anil Shukla Warsi started abusing him upon seeing him. Krishna Gautam, sister of Anil Warsi and member of BJP, member of District Panchayat, slapped him. He was abused and threatened to file a complaint under the SC ST law. Durgesh directly accused Krishna Gautam in this regard.

Anil Shukla fired back

In this whole affair, Anil Shukla Warsi, husband of State Minister Pratibha Shukla, said that Durgesh Mani Tripathi is working at the instigation of a BJP leader. We had arrived on the spot the evening of the incident. There, Durgesh Mani Tripathi raised Murdabad slogans. Did not go there the next day. Had reached the post-mortem house on the order of the Chief Minister. He related that as soon as he reached the post-mortem house, Durgesh Tripathi joined him with one of his companions. Durgesh first pushed the Minister of State.

Anil Shukla alleged that Durgesh pushed District Panchayat member Krishna Gautam. Grabbed his collar. After that, the workers made them run. Durgesh escaped from there. Anil Shukla Warsi said he played politics by selling his house and land. In such a situation, the person of our society abuses us, it is by tolerance.

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