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Kanpur Dehat: I have been the victim of many murders, DM Neha Jain said in Kanpur Dehat case



Kanpur Dehat DM Neha Jain: Political parties are targeting the state government over the Kanpur Dehat incident. There has been a lot of criticism towards the district administration especially DM Neha Jain in this matter. Besides the victim’s family, public representatives also attacked him. Meanwhile, in her clarification, DM Neha Jain denied the allegations against her.

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  • Recently, in the case of the burn death of a mother-daughter in Kanpur Dehat, the name of DM Neha Jain of the district came up.
  • He was criticized for not having shown sensitivity in this incident, but for having adopted an irresponsible attitude.
  • A video also went viral on social media in which he was shown dancing at a party.
Kanpur: Recently, in Kanpur Dehat News, DM Neha Jain’s name came under discussion in the case of a mother-daughter’s death due to burn injury. He was accused of not being sensitive in this incident. A video also went viral on social media in which he was shown dancing at a party. Through this, allegations were made that on the one hand the mother-daughter was burning in the fire, on the other hand DM was partying. On this, Neha Jain called the incident unfortunate and said that the baseless news of the whole episode created his image as an insensitive officer, which is not correct.

Speaking to the media, DM Neha Jain said, “I am arranging the audition for everyone who comes to my office. You yourselves are witnesses to it. You can also ask the people of Kanpur Dehat for this. I was also the victim of a lot of defamation throughout this episode, which is not fair to be an officer and a woman. I want events from two different days to be unrelated. There was a festive atmosphere on February 12 while what happened on February 13 was unfortunate.

On February 13, the police administration team had reached Madauli village in Kanpur Dehat to root out the illegal encroachments. At the same time, the mother-daughter burned to death in a hut fire. Later, Shivam, the son of the late Pramila, said that when his father went to the DM to talk to the DM, he did not meet him, but the next day, the whole family, including the father, the two brothers, mother Pramila, was prosecuted under several serious sections, including mutiny. has been registered.

Kanpur State Minister Dehat Pratibha Shukla was also speaking against DM Neha Jain. He said, I didn’t know DM is so ruthless. He claimed, “I told the DM to help the family after listening to their issues. But instead, the DM filed an FIR against this family. Devendra Singh Bhole, MP from Akbarpur Lok Sabha seat in Kanpur Dehat, also put the DM in the dock.

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