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Kanpur fire victim’s family son’s clothes removed! SP asked – When will the bulldozer work? – The clothes of the son of the family of the victim of the Kanpur fire have been removed! the targeted samajwadi party



Kanpur Dehat: The storm that erupted after the death of a mother-daughter in the Madauli village of Maitha has not yet calmed down, while on Tuesday the Samajwadi party created a new controversy by tweeting a video from its Twitter account . It is written there that on January 14, the family of Krishna Gopal Dixit reached the collector, then the clothes of his son Shivam were removed in the cold in Kadkadati. In the video, Shivam is seen undressing.

Samajwadi party raised questions about the district administration by tweeting the video, in fact in this video Shivam the son of the deceased is stripping in front of KN Gupta, the ADM administration. The question is whether Shivam undressed alone in the freezing cold of January 14 or whether people from the police administration forced him to do so. One thing is clearly visible in the video, during this incident people from ADM and the police are standing in front.

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ADM said he threatened himself by stripping
After the video tweeted by SP, the ADM administration came forward and provided clarification. ADM KN Gupta said no officer had undressed. He himself was threatening by removing his clothes, although the SDM did not say anything about what he was threatening. What is more visible in the video is that this family was forced to sit in the ADM administration vehicle.

Shivam said ADM forcibly removed his clothes
After the clarification from ADM, Shivam Dixit, the son of the deceased from Madauli village, said that on January 14, the ADM KN Gupta administration removed the clothes at the collector’s premises because it would be cold in the open air without clothes, so the family would go home alone. Shivam alleged that in the meantime other officers including ASP were also present there. Even after committing atrocities at the Collectorate premises, a complaint was filed against his family for rioting and violation of Article 144. Shivam also alleged that the defendants were not arrested after the incident.