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Kanpur News: A Secret Open Suicide Envelope Of An Elderly Jk Who Worked In A Cotton Mill



Kanpur: A sensational case has been revealed in Kanpur, UP. Hriday Narayan Srivastava, 72, killed himself by jumping in front of a train on Wednesday. The same question arose in everyone’s mind: why did the old man commit suicide? An envelope lifted the veil on the death of Hriday Narayan. In fact, Hriday Narayan had given a sealed envelope to his acquaintance before committing suicide and had told him that it contained the necessary papers, keep it preciously, I will take it when I return. After Hriday Narayan died, his acquaintance Jain Sahib opened the envelope and then the secret of death was revealed.

Hriday Narayan Srivastava, who lived in bungalow number 43 at Kamala Club, worked at JK Cotton Mill. The family lived with his wife Urmila, two sons Amit, Saurabh and daughters-in-law. Hriday Narayan Srivastava was the save manager in all three teams of JK Cotton Mill. Hriday Narayan Srivastava failed to receive Rs 30 lakh as payment by factory management. The old man was harassed by the manager and the security guard. Because of which Hriday Narayan Srivastava was in depression.

Suicide note revealed
Hriday Narayan Srivastava’s suicide note revealed that manager Sanjay Dubey and the security guard had been torturing for several years. Hriday Narayan’s family lived in bungalow number 43 located at Kamala Club. Manager Sanjay Dubey and security guard Ravindra Singh used to lobby to leave the bungalow. The electricity and water connection of the bungalow where the elderly family lived, was cut in 2021. Hriday Narayan had started the water and electricity connection after hard work, but this last July 14 , the connection to water and electricity was again cut off, due to which Hriday Narayan suffered.

Water-electricity connection added after suicide
Hriday Narayan Srivastava’s son said that on Wednesday the father committed suicide by jumping in front of the train at the Zarib Chowki level crossing. He could not be identified earlier, but was identified in the case. The father has not received a salary of Rs 30 lakh for many years. What he was worried about. After the suicide, manager Sanjay Dubey and security guard Ravindra Singh connected the electricity-water connection, so that there would be no harm on both of them.

At the same time, according to the head of the Fazalganj police station, Devendra Dubey, a case of incitement to suicide was registered against the director and the security officer. Search is enabled for both. Both have been on the run since the registration of the FIR.
Admission – Sumit Sharma

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