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Kanpur News: BJP adviser’s nephew shot dead, face smashed with brick, cousin charged with murder



Kanpur: The nephew of a BJP adviser was shot dead in Kanpur, UP on Thursday night. After firing, the killers crushed the young man’s face with a brick. After the late night murder, there was a stir throughout the area. Upon learning of the incident, the force of several police stations went to the scene. Relatives of the deceased accused the cousin and his accomplices of murder. Upon complaint from family members, the police registered a case.

Vishal, nephew of BJP adviser Vijay Nishad, was brutally murdered in Ward 44 of Makdikheda area of ​​Kalyanpur Police Station. Sunil Kumar, father of the late Vishal Nishad, is an electric rickshaw driver. Vishal was watching television Thursday evening around 11 a.m. in the house. Meanwhile, Vishal had left home alone when his cousin Vikas received a call.

fired first, then crushed with a brick
Vishal’s father Sunil said that Vikas, Sonu, Shailendra, Rajendra, Rahul surrounded their son Vishal near Sukhaupurwa. When Vishal started running after saving his life, he shot his son from behind. Vishal fell and attacked him with a brick. After committing the crime, all fled the scene.

The forensic team collected evidence
Local people informed councilor Vijay Nishad about the incident. When the counselors were in Noida, they informed the family about the incident. Relatives took Vishal to Hallet Hospital in a bleeding condition. Where the doctors pronounced him dead. Upon learning of the incident, the forensic team attended the scene and collected evidence.

There was a dispute over the game
Relatives of the deceased said that on the day of the last Diwali, Vishal and his cousin Vikas were playing the game with their companions. Vikas had won lots of rupees in gambling. Due to which Vishal quarreled with his friends. The local population intervened and pacified the matter. Since then, there has been an argument between Vishal and Vikas on several occasions. On Thursday evening, Vishal was called out and murdered in connection with the plot.

Police check CCTV
According to ACP Dinesh Kumar Shukla, an old rivalry is emerging behind the murder. In the inquest it emerged that he had been run over with a brick after being shot. CCTV footage relevant to the incident is being digitized. At the same time, an FIR was registered on the complaint of the family members.
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