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Kanpur News Friend raped a teenage girl in Hukkabar in Kanpur



At the invitation of a friend, a girl who reached Hukkabar was raped by her friend. After that, he was taken to a deserted place. Where his friends also attempted to rape.

Kanpur: Hookah bars are open in every street and neighborhood in Kanpur, UP. Teenagers are served drugs in the name of Hukkabar. A shocking incident has been revealed in Hukkabar. Dr. The couple’s underage daughter was raped by her friend in Hukkabar. Not only that, the victim alleged that the defendant’s friends also attempted to rape her. The body was cut with teeth in various places. A lewd video was made and now it is in danger of going viral. On the father’s complaint, the police filed an FIR under serious headings.

The couple living in the neighborhood of the Barra police station are doctors by profession. Both husband and wife are assigned to a hospital in Kanpur Dehat. The victim’s father told the police that my daughter was 16 years old. His Instagram friend Vinay Thakur called him at MG Hukkabar in Karrahi on Friday. There, he was made to drink hookah, then given a cold drink mixed with intoxicants. After that, I raped her.

Friends of the accused attempted to rape

According to the victim’s father, Vinay Thakur, along with his friends Aman Sengar, then took the girl to an unknown desert location. Where friends of the accused Vinay Thakur also attempted to rape the minor. His body was cut with teeth. The defendants threatened the victim with making the video and photo go viral.

FIR registered

ACP Abhishek Pandey says the accused will be arrested as soon as possible. An FIR was filed against the accused under the Police Riot, Rape, POCSO, Assault and Threats sections. The police will soon launch a campaign against Hukkabar.

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